Boundary Oak School – Our Aim & Ethos

Boundary Oak recognises that everybody is different. Each member of our family community is valued as an individual. Our collective aim is to encourage every pupil to follow their passions, develop a love of learning and approach life here and beyond with a growth mindset.

Boundary Oak School takes pride in its strong family ethos and the personalised learning it provides. This is a community of learning built upon mutual trust between teachers and pupils with a strong shared sense of purpose, and commitment to high standards, driven by passion and enthusiasm.

We look to foster an intellectual curiosity to develop freedom of thought and expression, and support our pupils to take responsibility for their own personal and collective learning.

Central to our ethos at Boundary Oak is our aim to promote a love for learning in all our pupils. We do this by not only equipping them with lifelong skills (critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and innovation, communication and teamwork, flexibility and adaptability, resilience and self-confidence), but by encouraging and developing their passions. Our 7Rs also run as a thread throughout our school:

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