Boundary Oak School Society

The aim of the Boundary Oak School Society (BOSS) is to advance the education and well-being of the pupils at Boundary Oak School by:

  • Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the School
  • Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the School and to advance the education of the pupils

Whilst we have no direct say in the running of the school the committee works closely with the staff, parents, and pupils to identify areas that may benefit from our support.

Our society is run by the parents and family members of the children at Boundary Oak. We raise money for the school through a variety of events such as Summer Garden party, Fireworks night, Cake sales, Balls and many more throughout the year.

Meetings are held roughly every 4 weeks at 7.00pm in the Acorn Theatre during the school term, where all fund raising initiatives are discussed and agreed. All parents are welcome.

Our meetings this term are as follows:
Monday 5th February
Monday 12th March
Monday 30th April
Monday 11th June

If parents are not able to attend but are interested in what the committee are doing, they are welcome to approach any of the active members of the committee with their questions/ fundraising ideas.

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