Scholarship Awards

Pupils at Boundary Oak strive for success, and our staff work hard with each individual pupil to help them to achieve their full potential. We work with pupils who wish to look to gain scholarship entry into some of the country’s top colleges and help them to achieve this goal. Pupils can also apply for a Scholarship Award on entry, and within, Boundary Oak. These are awarded for either Academics, Sport, Creative Arts (Art or Drama) and Music. We would like to congratulate the following pupils on gaining scholarships in recent years:

Academic Scholarships
2016, W. Toms, Boundary Oak School
2016, R. Toms, Boundary Oak School
2017, C. Hudson-Cocks, Boundary Oak School
2017, E. Griffiths, Boundary Oak School
2018, W. McIntyre, Churcher’s College
2019, O. Savage, Boundary Oak School
2019, D. Turner, Boundary Oak School
2019, M. Wilding, Boundary Oak School

Sport Scholarships
2016, G. Lambert, Boundary Oak School
2016, O. Leggett, Boundary Oak School
2016, J. Miller, Boundary Oak School
2016, S. Bleasdale, Boundary Oak School
2017, H. Emery, Boundary Oak School
2017, F. Hughes, Boundary Oak School
2018, S. Humphrey, The Portsmouth Grammar School
2018, C.Holyer, Boundary Oak School
2019, E. Sanders, Boundary Oak School

Music Scholarships

2019, X. Chang, Uppingham School
2019, Y. Lee, St Catherines School
2019, J. Lee, Boundary Oak School

Creative Arts Scholarships
2017, K. Gandhe
2019, F. Ganghe
2019, C. Moore

In addition to scholarships at Boundary Oak School, pupils have the opportunity to become Prefects and Sports Captains as well as Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl and Boy.

*Boundary Oak Scholarships do not carry an automatic financial discount. If you would like your Scholarship Award to be means tested then please let our Headmaster or Registrar know at the time of application.

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