Open Futures

Open Futures at Boundary Oak School is a skills and enquiry-based curriculum development programme that links learning with life. At Boundary Oak, we have such wonderful facilities and open space including our own Early Years Garden with Chickens and Guinea Pigs as well as our Woodland School that it is an ideal starting point to develop a broad, balanced and innovative curriculum.

Open Futures was developed to help children discover and develop practical skills, personal interest and values, which will contribute to their education and help to enhance their adult lives.

—Learning needs to be fun and irresistible and through weaving the Open Futures curriculum into our already rich curriculum the children are going to develop the necessary skills to help them grow as individuals.

Boundary Oak School’s Open Futures gives us a fresh way of meeting the needs of our children whose natural spirit of enquiry is fostered and nurtured through the programmes four curriculum strands:

  • Ask It
  • Grow It
  • Cook It
  • Film It

These linked creative contexts stimulate and motivate whilst providing our children with the opportunity to work with professionals from the world of food, horticulture, media, academia, philosophy and the arts.

The four strands link, working together to create a learning environment in which useful practical skills are developed and children’s natural curiosity fostered.

Skills and Enquiry

Open Futures is all about skills and enquiry, blending the two into an encompassing programme that will help us implement a creative, relevant and fruitful curriculum for the benefit of our children.



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