Boundary Oak School Teaching Staff“Through our curriculum we aim to equip our pupils for the 21st Century by promoting a key competencies: we want our pupils to excel at critical thinking and problem solving, to be imaginative and innovative; to communicate well, to work in teams and to be flexible, adaptable and self-confident.” James Polansky, Headmaster.

At Boundary Oak School, a private school based in Hampshire, we offer a broad, relevant, challenging and exciting curriculum. In the lower end of the school the EYFS curriculum is supplemented by the Open Futures curriculum with its four strands of Ask It, Grow It, Cook It, and Film It. In Pre-Prep the emphasis is on the core subjects of English and Mathematics and these are enhanced by lessons in Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Computer Science, PSHE, Drama, Music, PE, French and Art/DT; with the last four all being delivered by specialist teachers. In the Junior Prep school these subjects continue and from Year 6 they are joined by Spanish and, in addition, they are all taught by specialist teachers from Year 6 onwards.

The broad curriculum on offer in Junior Prep continues into the Senior School where from Year 9 pupils are introduced to almost all of our GCSE subjects. In Year 9 teaching staff and mentors support pupils as they make their GCSE choices, with most pupils taking between eight and ten subjects at GCSE.

There are four underlying strands to our curriculum that we aim to promote and develop:

  • A Growth Mindset: This is embedded in our classroom practise and in our Baccalaureate
  • Philosophy: From the P4C (philosophy for children) in the Ask It strand of Open Futures, through questioning and fertile questions in our schemes of work, to the explicit teaching of philosophy in our Humanities curriculum in Prep.
  • Outdoor Learning: All pupils benefit from our Outdoor Learning Programme throughout their time at school.
  • Digital skills: Through our computer science curriculum which covers coding, animations, film and sound editing, website and app building as well as 3D printing. Pupils have the chance and freedom to explore and enhance their digital skills through a host of clubs. We have already been recognised nationally by being shortlisted in the ICT Innovation Award at the 2015 National Education Business Awards. EB awards logo


Our in-depth curriculum is supported by an array of co-curricular activities, including regular field trips, residential trips and visits to the theatre, museums, art galleries and places of cultural interest as well as a host of clubs including Coding club, 3D printing, Electric car building, Fauna club, Welding club, Public speaking and a variety of other hobby and sports clubs


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