Ready-for-Bed Club

Boundary Oak School recently introduced a couple of new initiatives this year to further support the modern working families and hopefully encourage our pupils to enjoy an evening or two that ‘break the routine’.

Firstly, if you book your termly free night of boarding in the first four weeks of each term we will include a second consecutive night for free. Maybe a chance for a quick “getaway”? For Year 3 the Saturday morning pick-up time is 8.45am, for Year 4 and above its Noon.

Secondly,  The Ready-for-Bed Club. This is essentially a late pick-up option for Years 3 and up, with a choice of two pick up times. We believe it is really important that we support parents who don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done – this includes a little extra time to have some fun if possible!

Booking via the school office, giving just half a day’s notice, you will be able to do a pick up at either 7.50pm (option for Years 3-8) or 8.50pm (for year 8 and up). The cost of this will be £10 for the early pick up time and £15 for the later pick up. The charge for them to stay for their evening meal will remain at £3.70 for all takers.

To give you an idea of the early evening routine during the current term the children enjoy:

5.30pm – 6pm: Big tea (supper!)

6.00 – 6.30pm: Free time (usually Tech time in the IT suite or games in the Library Lounge)

6.30 – 7.30pm: Fun & Games…in the Winter terms: *

Monday: Dodgeball/Indoor games in the Acorn Theatre

Tuesday: Indoor sports

Wednesday: Board Games

Thursday: Tuck and DVD night

Friday: Outdoor activities

7.30 – 8.00pm: Free time and Ready-for-Bed for younger group. Your children will be ready for bed in their Onesies, teeth brushed, ready to be collected in the Library Lounge in time for bedtime.

7.30 – 8.50pm:  Free time and Ready-for-Bed for the elder group. Again, the children will be ready to scoop up from the Library Lounge, where they will be with the older boarders and a member of the boarding staff.

*During the summer term activities gravitate towards the great outdoors and the children have camp fire evenings, go swimming, play woodland games, softball, golf, tennis, cricket and football.


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