Boundary Oak Boarding School

Boundary Oak School Boarding Staff“Boarding at Boundary Oak School provides a real home-from-home.

I live in the boarding house with my family, working alongside other resident staff and gap students. Our aim is simple – to ensure that the children are happy, comfortable and above all, having fun!” Carol Plumpton, Housemistress and Head of Boarding

Dormitories are split up into age-groups to cope with different bed-times, with smaller bedrooms that sleep 2-3 for the older boarders to recognise their seniority in the school. All children are encouraged to decorate their dorms areas with posters, pictures and items from home such as cuddly toys.

Our boarders are a big family and all look out for each other. They have the school to themselves in the evening and it makes them feel pretty special. During the week the focus is on completing homework, catching up with family and loved ones from home and preparing for the following day. Once a week all boarders will also have a boarders meeting where they have the opportunity to share ideas and suggestions. Each evening they are able to take advantage of having teaching staff on hand to help them with heir daily prep as well as use of the ICT and library over the weekends.

Resident staff work alongside teachers and boarding assistant in the boarding house so the children have a variety of staff to entertain them. At the weekends, the full boarders make use of our woodland school and grounds for cycling and also enjoy visits to the cinema, ice skating, bowling, water parks and shopping centres.

On registration as a boarding family you will receive a Parents’ Handbook along with a Boarders’ Handbook which is given to all new boarding pupils.

Boarding Parents’ Handbook

Boarding Handbook – Pupil version

During our latest school inspection report, which can be viewed here, Inspectors were impressed with our pupils self-confidence, and that many pupils said that they had become more confident while attending the school and that, as a result of the teachers encouraging them not to give up, they ‘learnt to deal with things if they go wrong’. In our latest school inspection, Inspectors felt that it was very clear that teachers at Boundary Oak School are very good role models in this regard.

The report continues: “Pupils social development is excellent.” It states that they value their friendships with peers from other parts of the world.

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