Outdoor Learning Programme

Given our stunning location and with 30 acres to play with it is only natural that a Boundary Oak education embraces outdoor learning! Our curriculum ensures that all pupils undergo outdoor education throughout their time at school. This is delivered through our Woodland School and makes use of our on-site woods, fields and other habitats within our grounds. A variety of trips and a host of extra-curricular clubs, such as Fauna club and Go Wild, also supplement it.

Boundary Oak School Outdoor Learning

In the lower end of the school pupils look after a clutch of chickens, grow their own food in our garden and prepare and cook their own food using our mobile kitchen.

Boundary Oak School Teaching Staff

“Our outdoor education not only ensures pupils acquire new knowledge, skills and information but also develop the qualities and attributes that they will need to thrive in a changing world such as: creativity, adaptability, confidence, resilience and teamwork.” Sophie Latham, Year 2 Class Teacher and Outdoor Learning Leader

Activities range from camp building and fire lighting through to estimating the size of the earth using angles in parallel lines from measuring trees’ shadows.


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