Digital Skills

Boundary Oak School has been recognised by the National Education Business Awards as a leading school for its ICT Innovation in teaching and learning.

Through our computer science curriculum which covers coding, animations, film and sound editing, website and app building as well as 3D printing. Pupils have the chance and freedom to explore and enhance their digital skills through a host of clubs.

” Digital SBoundary Oak School Teaching Staffkills is a critical and exciting initiative that filters through every area of our school’s learning and is one of the 4 pillars of our academic development plan. Instead of surrendering and allowing children to watch cartoons and play endless hours of computer games, we made a decision to teach our pupils how to make them.” James Polansky, Headmaster

Simply delivering a mainstream ICT curriculum isn’t good enough. Innovative teaching methods, great teaching & learning software, upgraded technology and a new 3D printer all culminated in Boundary Oak being one of only 6 schools nationally to be nominated for National Teaching in Business ICT award.

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