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Boundary Oak School offers any pupil and their family a family community of which to be part of and one that we strive to open to the wider community as well. We believe that our pupils should experience situations where they have a compassion for those less fortunate than themselves as well as it being of great benefit to them to have made a contribution, at whatever level, to help improve the lives of others. It also forms part of our school ethos of trying to ensure that each pupil leaves us as a well-rounded individual who has received an education that will help to prepare them for life beyond education.

Our charity partners for this year are:

A Helping Hand to Reedham Children’s Trust

Boundary Oak School is proud to be in partnership with Reedham Children’s Trust. As a Children’s Champion, Boundary Oak supports the charity to transform the lives of vulnerable children growing up in challenging circumstances. For 175 years, Reedham Children’s Trust has given children with difficult home lives the confidence, independence, and skills they need to flourish. By sponsoring children to make boarding schools a stable ‘second home’, they can keep in close contact with their family while being guaranteed the care, opportunities and education they deserve. The Trust supports children in achieving excellence, fulfilling potential, raising aspirations, and building independence; research has shown that children helped by Reedham Children’s Trust not only do better than other children facing adversity without this support, but may even surpass their peers who have been lucky enough to grow up without such challenging circumstances. Every child deserves a helping hand.

“A good education is a fortune a child can never spend.” – Andrew Reed.

For more information on Reedham’s Children’s Trust please see


SSAFA: lifelong support for the Armed Forces family.

Boundary Oak School is a proud partner of SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, who have been providing lifelong practical and emotional support to the Armed Forces family for over 130 years. SSAFA’s values are particularly admirable; they pledge to be understanding, committed and professional, fair, and courageous, in order to benefit not only the military community but wider society as a whole. Their network of trained volunteers are role models in empathy, striving to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst serving personnel, veterans and military families across the UK and worldwide, supporting their right to independence and dignity.

For more information on SSAFA please see



Building brighter futures with Two Saints

As part of our mission to extend our family ethos to the wider community and nurture compassion in our pupils, Boundary Oak School is proud to support our local charity partner Two Saints. Through providing housing, support and learning services to people who are homeless, vulnerable or in need of support, Two Saints share our values that everyone deserves a brighter future. The charity is a fantastic example to our pupils in demonstrating how even a small contribution can improve the lives of others. Two Saints gives people in challenging circumstances somewhere safe to sleep 365 days a year and provides the training and opportunity to break the destructive cycle of homelessness.

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