Boundary Oak School Uniform

The school prides itself on having a smart but functional uniform. By having our own shop on site we can ensure the uniforms are of high quality, we can maintain low prices and provide a convenient service for parents. A number of items are only available through the school uniform shop, which is open regularly throughout the term.

At Boundary Oak School, our uniform requirements change as your child goes up through the school and so please take a look at our kit list.

Our uniform shop is open on  Monday 8:15am and 9.15am. If you would like to make an appointment outside of those times please contact 01329 280955 or email


Boundary Oak School Uniform

Early years

Boundary Oak School UniformOur Early Years Uniform, while still smart, is perfect for the younger children who learn more through play and exploring outdoors.



Years 1-3Boundary Oak School Pre-Prep Uniform

As the children move up the school we encourage them to take pride in themselves, as well as others around them. We pride ourselves on our appearance as an independent school and ensure that when we are out on a visit or school trip our uniform reflects that.

UNIFORM LIST – Y1 to Y3 2017


Years 4-11

UNIFORM LIST – Y4 to Y11 2017



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