Match Report: U15 Netball against St John’s

On a freezing cold Tuesday, we headed off to play St John’s in the snow! Our team was split into two, with five aside so we would have more to do and keep warmer! Despite the snow we carried on playing. The team that I played in didn’t win but we all had things to work on, and concentrating on those helped us to score some goals.

Joy was really good at blocking the other players when marking and after some interceptions passed the ball well.

Libby was able to find space better by taking her marker away from the ball then running towards it.

Crystal, despite a small injury, was really good at finding space. Eva was also good at finding space and going for the rebound when she was goal shooter.

I personally think I was good at jumping when I caught the ball, then pivoting to face the direction of the pass.

Although both teams lost and it was cold, we still had a fun match in the snow. After the match we walked up to the building for match tea, and by chatting with the opposing team we were both able to give each other advice to improve individually and as a team.

Megan M, Year 9

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