The Quo Vadis (QV) Baccalaureate is an award that represents the broad curriculum on offer at Boundary Oak. It is presented as a certificate, every two years to pupils who gain sufficient points to achieve either a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Headteacher’s Honours Award.

The awards are made in Years 2, 4, 6 and 8, with years 1, 3, 5 and 7 working towards their certificates.

The QV Baccalaureate is based on the successful and nationally endorsed St Peter’s School Baccalaureate (SPB) with 7 areas of learning: Languages, Mathematics, Sciences (including computer science), Humanities, Creative and Performing Arts, Sport and QV Qualities. Pupils receive points in each of these areas and their overall score determines their award.

Boundary Oak School Baccalaureate

We have expanded on the SPB to turn the QV Baccalaureate into an assessment, target setting and tracking tool that incorporates all the National Curriculum objectives, and where appropriate the Common Entrance and Scholarship syllabuses. Most importantly, it also reflects our pupil’s efforts outside the classroom with achievements in extra-curricular activities, clubs and hobbies, both in and outside school, equally rewarded.

It aims to instil in our pupils our core values by promoting independent and critical thinking skills, a growth mindset and lifelong learning. It also prepares our pupils for, and aids their transition to, senior school.

At the core of our Baccalaureate are the learning grids. These contain the whole learning journey and progression of our pupils for each subject and area. This empowers pupils, teachers and parents, as all stakeholders know exactly where the pupil is, where they need to go and how to get there.

Boundary Oak School BaccalaureateClick image for a larger view

Skills achieved are colour coded depending on the term they were achieved. Pupil’s targets are circled, again colour coded. No longer will parents have to sit wonder whether their child progressing from a “4c to a 5b” is a good thing and what on earth it means.

The learning journey and progress for each child is clear and explicit.

In addition to the QV Baccalaureate, pupils’ progress will be monitored by annual assessments. We carry out Verbal and Non-Verbal baseline assessments at the start of each year and formal, nationally standardised assessments in core subjects at the end of each year.

For further information on either the Baccalaureate or our assessments please contact our Headmaster, James Polansky or our Deputy Head Emma Fownes, through the school office on 01329 280955.

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