International Boarding School

Every year we welcome a number of overseas boarders to our school either on a long stay or short stay programme.

Boarding for international students can be a little daunting because of the distance between family and school. We have years of experience of helping children settle quickly and we endeavour to make sure that contact is maintained with home on a regular basis. Children are encouraged to bring their mobile phones and devices that will keep them connected with the family.

Often children will arrive with mum and dad, a guardian or agent at school for the first time and will then commence their boarding experience as they say goodbye. The whole family has a settling in period together where they can all view the school, bedroom, buy uniform and generally make themselves feel at home.

If the student arrives on their own – the boarding community is ready to receive them and they are well taken care of. We also try to ensure that if the student has little English that we have a native speaker to help ease the first few days of school.

Boarding is a fun experience and many happy memories and firm friendships are formed during their stay.

Details of fees etc can be found on our International Admissions page.

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